Open Orchestra Session on June 15th, 2018!

, by Athanasios Galis

The setup is as follows: 10-woodwinds, 11-brass, 41-strings, 2x percussion, 1x harp; total = 66 musicians. For more detailed information you can just get in touch with me.
You can purchase recording slots starting from 12min of net recording time (suited for the recording of 1 minute of average complexity music) for 790€; this includes everything incl. post-production.
a. PREPARATION You can either send us the final scores & parts of your music, or we can do the copying for you based on your mockup for an upcharge.
b. RECORDING If you like, you can listen to your recording via live stream. However, if you do not want that or have no time, it is totally fine, too, as our producer will assure that everything goes well with the recording of your piece in any case!
c. DELIVERY We will deliver the stereo mix of your music within 2 weeks after the session. If you like, you can additionally receive the stems or edited individual tracks, or even the recorded Pro Tools session for maximum flexibility.
As an optional service, you can book video filming of your session; we are filming with 3 full HD cams / 2 cameramen. You can either book filming + editing or just filming (for self-editing).